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At Connectifie, we develop customized and measurable programs aimed at helping your organisation identify areas in need of improvement to enhance your delivery of world class customer experience.

How We Help

Our excellent insight analysis and reports helps support your business in core decision making to deliver a differentiated consumer experience across all channels.

Our specialist consultants will also work with your team to help develop effective cx initiatives (and customized trainings) based on your business needs.

We collect unbiased, real-time data to help you evaluate and improve customer experience required to drive sales and enhance brand perception.


Connectifie™  partners with organisations to rethink and rebuild processes that guarantee instant results.

We provide: 

Mystery Shopping: for businesses to assess their customer service performance from the perspective of a typical customer.

Our trained mystery shoppers visit your business and evaluate your service delivery, product quality, and customer experience. We provide detailed feedback and insights to help you improve your overall customer service performance.

Data Analytics and Insights: Our data analytics and insights service provides businesses with the necessary tools to analyze customer feedback and trends.

We collect customer data through various channels, including on-site, social media, email, and surveys, and provide insights to help businesses make informed decisions that enhance customer satisfaction.

Conferences & Workshops

We help facilitate conferences and workshops with a focus on customer service, that examine changes in the industry and looks at new strategies required to stay relevant.

Our customer service conferences and webinars bring together industry experts to discuss customer service trends, best practices, and emerging technologies.

Our conferences and webinars are designed to provide businesses with insights and strategies to improve customer service delivery.


Our customer service training is tailored to suit your business needs. We provide training for your employees on customer service best practices, effective communication, and problem resolution techniques.

Our training aims to equip your employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide exceptional customer service that sets your business apart.

When Can We Help?

We can review, audit, and measure the quality of customer experience provided at the frontline of the business. 

As a leader of customer experience insights, our main goal is to be available as a true partner at every stage of your business, and help your business improve their customer service delivery, enhance customer satisfaction, and achieve business success.

Our Promise

We promise to provide our clients with high-quality personalized customer service solutions. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping businesses improve their customer service delivery and enhance customer satisfaction.

Our commitment to excellence means that we are constantly seeking ways to improve our services and exceed client expectations through the solutions we provide .

With our services, businesses can expect to achieve success and stand out in their industry.

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We are a leading customer experience research company.


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